About Delta Saint-Vil, Director/Founder


Delta Saint-Vil aka Danielle Noon is the CEO and Founder of DSV Group – an entertainment, investment, and resource management firm. A leader and strategic partner who strives to sustain the continued growth in the music and entertainment culture in the DMV area by investing, hosting and/or sponsoring local events. Her pseudonyms – sophisticated, intelligent, humble, and generous.

Danielle has held numerous successful concert events in the DMV area featuring Capleton, Mavado, Alkaline, Dexta Daps and stellar local talents such as Mackey Solo, Xyclone, Zulan O’Brien, Rush Dem, Black Mice, Fret Dem, Prophet-Z, Treez, Rreliq, Bittah Sosicka, Shawn Ice, Double Ddee, O-Slice, Advill, and ONLY.

She is a Marketing and Public Relations Director, certified Project and Human Resources Manager, Philanthropist, World Traveler, Mother, Sister, Aunt, and Friend, to name a few. Her civility is ingrained in the minds of her friends and those who know of her. As well, her giving nature and goodwill toward others has directed her path in the establishment of her non-profit organization, DSV Group Elevates Corporation. Her organization aims to serve local young women and men in the community by awarding modest grants and scholarships to assist in the elevation of their future endeavors. Her annual birthday and anniversary celebration #Legacy is held the first weekend in October and serves as a fundraising venture to support her philanthropic efforts.

A native of Port-au- Prince, Haiti, she is from a very humble household who migrated to the U.S. when at the tender age of 9. As she watched her non-English speaking mother struggle to support her and her two sisters upon sudden loss of her step-father one year after arriving to the U.S., she was determined to grow up fast and became a formidable pillar of strength and perseverance. She is quoted, “I take pride in knowing where I came from and how far I’ve reached in life due to the generosity of others. I invite everyone to take a window seat in my own little world so that I may share with all who strive for a greater good and all who will step up to the plate way after I’m gone!”

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