DSV Group Elevates Corporation serves to elevate young adults in the community by our efforts to achieve the following:

  • We aim to achieve equal educational opportunities for young women and men by awarding modest grants and providing assistance with entrepreneurial projects.
  • We aim to achieve the economic stability of young women and men by assisting with resume writing, interviewing techniques, assistance with temporary child care and transportation.
  • We aim to serve young women and men by providing mentorship and resource opportunities of interest.
  • We will serve as a professional and character reference for employment, college applications, and remain a trusted resource for young adults within the legal dependent age of 27.

I implore you to make a donation of at least $25 and join our roster of supportive and selfless individuals who dare to make a difference in the lives of our young people who are striving to do their best for a brighter and promising future. If change is to occur in our community, one must be willing to help others unequivocally…

Donations can be made in the form of a monthly sponsorship of $25 or at any time. Contact us at icare@dsvgroupelevates.org or dsvgroupllc@gmail.com. Telephone: 240.691.8027.

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