DSV Group Elevates Corporation, is a minority woman-owned 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation dedicated to serving young adults in the elevation of their future endeavors. Since its founding in 2014, DSV Group Elevates has served as a vital link by our efforts to achieve the following:

    • Ensuring equal educational opportunities for young adults by awarding annual grants and cultivating strategic partnerships with entrepreneurial projects.
    • Ensuring economic stability for young adults by assisting with resume writing, interviewing techniques, assistance with temporary child care, temporary housing, and transportation.
    • Serving young adults by providing mentoring, community service opportunities, notary service, and resource opportunities of interest.
    • Continuing the growth of the arts and entertainment culture by helping to bridge the gap between distinct cultures, assisting aspiring artists and establishing a platform for their continued development.
    • Serving as a trusted resource for community service graduates in their quest for character reference letters for employment and college applications.

We are cheerleaders for special needs children. We help motivate and boost their self-esteem and we volunteer with partner organizations to feed the homeless in the DC metropolitan area. We also provide sponsorship and donations to other nonprofit organizations who supports children in the Caribbean and in the African continents. We are committed to uplifting underserved communities by being a resourceful organization that is attentive to everyone’s needs.

Please purchase a gift card to one of our future events for you or a loved one. Fill in the details below and we will email you a gift card immediately. Thank you for your continued support of our small business!

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