Legacy 2015

DSV Group Presents Danielle Noon’s Birthday Bash Legacy – The Artists Showcase Edition!

Friday October 2, 2015
1600 New York Ave NE Washington, DC

HOSTED BY: @OfficialBadGyalDyDy || @Quetie_Moviestar

•Black Chiney
•Red Asylum
•Sonic 71


•Xyclone (New Album – The Xyclone LP)
•Zulan O’Brien (New MixTape Album – Dancehall King)
•Mackey Solo (New Album – True Confessions)
•Rush Dem (New Upcoming Single – Got That Flame)
•Treez (New Upcoming Single – Smoke)
•Rreliq (New Single – Wine Fi Mi Baby)
•Bittah Sosicka (New Single – 100 Rifle)
•Shawn Ice (New Album – Cool & Calm The EP)
•Double Ddee (New Single – Telephone Bad Gal)
•Advill Yung (New Single – A Suh Wi Party)




$1000 Scholarship to be awarded by nonprofit organization www.dsvgroupelevates.org on October 2, 2015 to a 17-27 year old student or entrepreneur who submits a 1000 word essay by September 1st to daniellenoon1@gmail.com.

Essay Requirements: Critical examination of the state of nonprofit organizations. Explain the positive and negative aspects of donating to an unknown (not nationally advertised) agency and your personal recommendation for mandates to regulate the industry. A brief description of the author and their future professional plans. Participants must be 17-27 years old to enter. Attendance at the event is not mandatory to win. All entries will be evaluated based on originality, grammar, and style.

To purchase tickets to this event or to make a donation to support our efforts, please click the Legacy Ticket link above or call us to become a sponsor at 240.691.8027 so that you, too, can be on your road to glory! We want to see more college students and self-sufficient individuals in our community.

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